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Norway4TRUMP is run by a Christian Freelance Journalist, former Combat Medic, and Politician with a background in Medicine, Natural Sciences and Philosophy. A staunch critic of totalitarian ideologies like the Socialisms; Communism, Nazism and Islam, and Globalists and their Agenda. The Editor of seeks to promote Patriotism, Morality and Prosperity for the amazing Judeo-Christian Culture of the West, which has brought so much light to the world.

The Editor is also a proud Norwegian and American Patriot and the proud co-host of Cold War Radio ( broadcasting ever Monday, (Wednesday) and Friday at 8 PM ET.

Norway4TRUMP is C4: Christian, Conservative, Constitutionalist, Capitalist who supports President Trump's love for America, and the important work the President is doing to save the Republic.

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ENG.:We are the TRUMP Supporters with love for both America and Norway that know that TRUMP is the last best hope for our survival. NOR.: Vi er TRUMP Supporterne som elsker både Amerika og Norge, som vet at TRUMP er det siste, beste håpet for vår overlevelse.