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TONIGHT MONDAY CWR#637 – Featuring Wild Bill for America

He has a rich past as a US Navy sailor and Broward County, FL, Sheriff’s Deputy. Today he is the fastest verbal gun in the West with 1,300+ videos and 17+ Million views on YouTube.

➽ You can listen to the very inspiring interview with Wild Bill for America here!

He is a C4:

  • Christian
  • Conservative
  • Constitutional
  • Capitalist

through and through. He is hated by the L4s, the

  • Leftwing
  • Liberal
  • Lost
  • Lunatics

for his truth-telling and loved by Patriotic Americans. Mr. Hutch Bailie Jr and Radio Norway bid you welcome to Cold War Radio, tonight – featuring the “Sheriff of Politics and Faith”:

Wild Bill for America!

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